Special session on ”Terabits\Terahertz Communications” at the ICT conference

Special session on ”Terabits\Terahertz Communications” at the ICT conference

ICT 2018 Terabits \ Terahertz

The 25th International Conference on Tecommunications (ICT 2018) is hosted by the city of Saint Malo, Brittany, France, 26-28 June. One focus of this year’s conference is on the THz or Tbps communications, with a keynote given by Thomas Kürner, Technische Universität Braunschweig, and a devoted special session.

The goal of the special session “Terabits/Terahertz communications” is to share the recent progress made in the emerging THz communication domain, relying on innovative transmission and detection techniques (based on optics/wireless or electronics), transceiver architectures, antenna design, models, scenarios, etc, paving the way towards the realization of first telecommunication links. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: Signal generation from photomixers,Terahertz modulations and wave transmitters,Terahertz wave detectors/receivers,Antenna design,Hybrid beamforming,Terahertz wireless/optical communications and applications,Terahertz indoor communications,Advances on experimental hardware design and implementation, Advanced discrete-time signal processing techniques,Filters design and ultra-low resolution receivers,Terahertz propagation and channel modelling,System simulation. Submission of papers is open until Monday 19 March.

Several members of the BRAVE project are part of the conference board (Centrale Supélec), Technical committee (CEA-Leti) or special session co-organization (Siradel).

Website: http://ict-2018.org/.



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