BRAVE at ICT 2018, Special session on ”Terabits\Terahertz Communications”

BRAVE at ICT 2018, Special session on ”Terabits\Terahertz Communications”

ICT 2018 Terabits \ Terahertz

The brave consortium is proud to announce the acceptance of two papers at ICT 2018, Special session on ”Terabits\Terahertz Communications”.

The first paper entitled, “’Above-90GHz spectrum and single-carrier waveform as enablers for efficient Tbit/s wireless communications” describes the Brave project as well as envisaged scenarios and initial results on PHY layer dimensioning.

The second paper, entitled “’On the Optimum Demodulation in the Presence of Gaussian Phase Noise” discusses the optimal demodulation in presence of phase noise for QAM modulation. In contrast to state-of-the-art approaches, we propose to represent within a complete metric space the demodulation over the phase noise channel. The provided framework enables the use of efficient algorithms to perform the demodulation. Computable probabilistic demapper values are derived upon the optimum metric to implement soft channel decoding.

BRAVE people can be met at the ICT special session, on Wednesday 27th June, at Saint Malo. Web site.


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