First BRAVE international public communication

First BRAVE international public communication

Wednesday 27th July 2018. The BRAVE partners have presented the general objectives of the project, the considered sub-THz scenarios, and the recent results on Phase noise impact, at the 25th IEEE International Conference on Telecommunications , Saint Malo.

Frequency bands above 90 GHz offers opportunities for multi-Gbps data rates, which may be exploited for beyond-5G backhauling, fixed wireless access, kiosk, farm of servers, or hotspot applications. The design of appropriate waveforms and modulation/demodulation schemes is the challenge faced today by the BRAVE partners. Consideration of realistic physical layer properties, including the propagation channel, antenna directivity, and RF impairments, is the foundation of this work, while enhancement of spectrum and energy efficiencies is used as a compass towards the identification of the most relevant techniques. Preliminary studies investigate new modulation schemes, leading to either higher efficiency at the power amplifier, or stronger robustness versus sub-THz phase noise.

The general purpose of the project was presented by Yoann Corre, Siradel, scientific coordinator of the project (right picture).

An innovative technique for Optimum demodulation in presence of gaussian phase noise was reported by Jean-Baptiste Doré, CEA-Leti (left picture).

The related publications are Above-90GHz Spectrum and Single-Carrier Waveform as Enablers for Efficient Tbit/s Wireless Communications and On the Optimum Demodulation in the Presence of Gaussian Phase Noise.

The special session on Tbps (Tera bits per second) wireless communication at ICT 2018 has confirmed the scientific community is viewing the sub-THz spectrum as a beyond-5G promising enabler, as active research on hardware equipments, modulations, and modelling is now being carried out by various laboratories.


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