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Report on BRAVE scenarios, Nov 2018

Report BRAVE D1.0: Beyond-5G Wireless Tbps Scenarios and Requirements is the first public deliverable released by the BRAVE project. It describes some applicative scenarios and use cases in which ultra-high throughput (of order of Tbps) wireless communication systems are envisaged in bands above 90 GHz: kiosk download, wireless backhauling, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), drones, server farm,…
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First BRAVE international public communication

Wednesday 27th July 2018. The BRAVE partners have presented the general objectives of the project, the considered sub-THz scenarios, and the recent results on Phase noise impact, at the 25th IEEE International Conference on Telecommunications , Saint Malo. Frequency bands above 90 GHz offers opportunities for multi-Gbps data rates, which may be exploited for beyond-5G…
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adaptative PSK modulation And Spawc

Proud to announce the acceptance of a paper at SPAWC 2018

The contribution, entitled “Adaptive PSK Modulation Scheme in the Presence of Phase Noise” by CEA-Leti addresses the problem of link adaption for coherent and non-coherent phase modulated signals subject to Gaussian and Wiener phase noise. Contrary to usual link adaptation schemes, we propose a simple scheme exploiting estimations of not only the signal-to-noise ratio but…
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ICT 2018 Terabits \ Terahertz

BRAVE at ICT 2018, Special session on ”Terabits\Terahertz Communications”

The brave consortium is proud to announce the acceptance of two papers at ICT 2018, Special session on ”Terabits\Terahertz Communications”. The first paper entitled, “’Above-90GHz spectrum and single-carrier waveform as enablers for efficient Tbit/s wireless communications” describes the Brave project as well as envisaged scenarios and initial results on PHY layer dimensioning. The second paper,…
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French spectrum agency collaborates in beyond-5G project

Published on Friday 2 March 2018

KO meeting

Kick-off meeting

The kick-off of the BRAVE project has occurred on January 8th in SIRADEL premises. The partners have initiated the three-year research activities on above-90GHz wireless communications, with a preliminary focus on the definition of appropriate beyond-5G scenarios. State of the art on the spectrum occupancy and opportunities, and identification of relevant scenarios, are the first…
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