Centrale Supélec

CentraleSupélec is a public institution under ministerial charter, devoted to the sciences and engineering. This charter is shared between the Ministry of Higher Education,  Research and Innovation, and the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Digital Technologies. CentraleSupélec was officially established on January 1st, 2015, bringing together two leading engineering schools in France; Ecole Centrale Paris and Supélec.

CentraleSupélec research center is composed of 17 laboratories and research teams which run in co-operation with major national research centres ; 1 research federation in mathematics ; 1 research institute with EDF ; 4 international laboratories with China, Canada, The United States and Singapore ; 1080 staff including 300 faculty researchers, 65 full-time researchers, 600 PhD candidates, 70 postdoctoral students, and 145 administrative and technical staff ; and 17 research chairs.

The SCEE (Signal, Communication & Embedded Electronics) research group that contributes to the BRAVE project belongs to CentraleSupélec campus of Rennes.

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